Pontoon Boat Rentals!

20ft Pontoons hold up to 9, 10 or 11 adults depending on the boat available.

24ft Pontoons hold up to 14 adults.

For more details regarding our boats along with photos, please click on "Request a boat" on the top of this page.

No Tubing or Water Skiing

Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons; we do not permit tubing or water skiing.

Call us 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week!

(866)538-9370 ext 702

Lowest Prices &

Highest Quality Rentals at Saratoga Lake!

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At Salvi Aquatic, you get a whole lot more for less compared to what other Marinas on Saratoga Lake could provide! No hidden fees. NO GAS OR OIL CHARGES and great customer service! We want you happy being part of the Salvi Aquatic Family! We keep our boats clean & maintained. We are not afraid to show you photos unlike other marinas.

Gas is included for FREE

Are you fishing? We also have Fishing Pole rentals!

Poles are only $20 each for the time of your rental. We have additional fishing hooks and stick worm baits as well. Keep in mind, a NYS fishing certificate is required which can be obtained online at the DEC website and printed at your own computer or at most large retail centers with a sports section.

Reservation process

The things you need in order to rent:

In order to rent a pontoon you need to be over 21 years of age with a valid drivers license. No boating license is required unless you are under 25. All rentals are booked via phone or email and processed on our website using the online reservation form or on the phone with our staff. Upon arrival you will go through a short 10-15 minute safety training. In this training you will learn about basic operations of the specific boat and its safety features. We will have you undock and dock the boat you are renting at our marina with our staff on board so you are safe coming back alone. You will also need to bring your drivers license upon arrival.
If you would like to rent a pontoon, call us at 866-538-9370