Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals

Why our location is safer vs others:

We are the only facility located in the 5mph no wake zone, closest to the mouth of Saratoga Lake, offering you a safer zone to enjoy your adventure without the worry of speeding boats and big waves! Enjoy fish creek or the lake without having to paddle back a long distance.

Rules before booking:

Weight Limits: Single Kayaks: 300lbs, Paddleboards: 230lbs. Pets are not allowed. Must be 18 or older and have a valid ID. No age minimum, but minors must have a parent present during rental.

Book Online Below:

Online Reservations are required to ensure availability, but can be reserved for the same day. If booking for today, you must book a few hours in advance of arriving though so our staff is ready to assist you.


Buying a brand new Kayak or Paddleboard (SUP):

We stock the Sentinel 100X Kayaks and Flow 106 Paddleboards on location which are best for beginners without sacraficing quality. We provide these for rental as well so you can rent these prior to purchasing to see if you like it! We also stock paddles, life jackets and accessories. Email for inquiry.

Pricing: Sentinel 100X Kayak: $449.99, Flow 106 Paddleboard: $479.99